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Rodney's Oyster House

Everyone knows that Rodney's Oyster House is the go-to place for oysters and surprisingly my first visit there was a few days ago. I never really intended to write a review during that visit but something(s) really impressed me during my visit which I believe are worth mentioning and sharing. So here's my visit to Rodney's during Low Tide hours (3-6pm) where you'd expect "happy hour service" and cheaper food but I somehow ended with much more than that.

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Okay so if you haven't heard of Minami, chances are you are either 1) not that interested in Vancouver's Japanese food or 2) living and eating under a rock. But if you really haven't heard of them, Minami is one of the Japanese restaurants under the Aburi brand and is the sister restaurant of the popular Miku and relatively new Aburi restaurant, Gyoza Bar (which I did a review of here). Although Minami isn't the first of the Aburi restaurants in Vancouver, I would definitely rank it as first among its sister restaurants. Here's a rundown of my meal during my most recent visit a few days ago.

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Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar

Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar has consistently been commended for nothing short of the best after winning countless awards for Best Seafood from multiple magazines and other awards like Best Yaletown and Best Restaurant. However, those rewards on paper mean nothing if the same quality isn't delivered during the dining experience - which I can gladly say are definitely present. To this day, I've visited Blue Water twice and I can vouch for the consistent good vibes from this place : )

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