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Uno Gelato: Gelato Master, James Coleridge Drops His New Mixtape

If you're from Vancouver, you would know about Bella Gelateria, a well-loved gelato hotspot that sits in the heart of tourist central at Harbourfront/Coal Harbour. It's gelato, made originally by Maestro James Coleridge, has received countless awards and recognition from all around the world and for that reason, many locals and tourists alike flock in groups to have a taste of truly creamy, Italian gelato

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Tangram Creamery

The new year rings in with new creameries, one which is Tangram Creamery on the corner of Arbutus and 12th in Vancouver. Facing the street with full-length windows, you can admire the beautiful and clean interior of the store which boasts of a large counter, a glossy wooden communal table, and rustic lights (which remind me of the ones from Ramenman).

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