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L'Opera Patisserie

Afternoon tea is one of my stomach's favourite (and my wallet's least favourite) type of food and it's easy to see why - exotic tea, decadent scones, mini sandwiches, and beautiful pastries. For a long time, many of Vancouver's high tea destinations have been located downtown or in Kerrisdale. Thankfully for Richmonders, these past few years have brought our part of town a few tea cafes of our own, L'Opera being one of them

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Waffle Gone Wild

There really isn't anything better than waffles for dessert, I mean they're savoury AND sweet. Waffle Gone Wild has been around for a while but I only recently got the chance to visit (and thank goodness I did). This place is super cozy and seats 10 people at most. If you've been to Nero's Belgium Waffles in downtown, you'll find that Waffle Gone Wild has a similar layout. It is however, much "cuter" here as there are collages of pictures and other decorations around the store. Unlike Nero's, you can sit down at a table before ordering if you're planning to dine in.

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Cafe Joie

Metrotown is somewhere every Vancouverite has been to, but have you been to Cafe Joie? This quaint cafe is located literally 2 minutes away from the big mall and I have to say it is definitely a gem that I will be going back to. Not only is the interior to my liking, but also the type of food they serve: coffee, sandwiches, and waffles! This is a great addition to the Metrotown area which really lacks in establishments of its kind.

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