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J wanted to bring me somewhere new today so I happily followed and after a while, we arrived at a secluded old-fashion Asian house which turned out to be Akasaka, a Korean-Japanese restaurant. I was going to get the best of both worlds in one meal? Sign me up. To my surprise, the whole front dining area was empty; everyone was actually dining in the individual Japanese style rooms in the of course we followed suit. The rooms and restaurant were well kept and clean and I had a positive outlook on the rest of my experience. Little did I know there was much more in store for me.

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Boom Beer 붐비어

Boom Beer is my best friends' place to eat and it's to not surprise I've been dragged (very willingly) to eat there numerous times. As a Richmonder, I compare Boom Beer to L.A. Chicken due to their absolutely mouth watering fried chicken. Boom Beer however, offers a variety of Korean bar food and drinks to go with it. The owner is so friendly and it's easy to almost feel like home every time you enter the restaurant - I think she knows my friends by name at this point.

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Sushi & Roll (Take Out)

Surrey isn't a place I've really took the time to explore but lucky for me, my summer semester this year is mostly in the area. The first of the places on my Surrey food list is Sushi & Roll, a decently large Japanese restaurant located just a block away from Surrey Central and run by a friendly group of Koreans. Sadly I didn't have the time to sit and dine so I opted for take out. The menu is massive and has a crazy amount of variety and unique combinations for some of the lowest prices I've ever seen for quality rolls.

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