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Malt + Marrow

Malt & Marrow is one of Vancouver's newer restaurant additions which boasts of "good drinks, good food, and good company" with Northern European influences. Looking for some West Coast cuisine in the area, my friend and I decided to try out this modern gastropub and take advantage of their lovely patio area.

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CRAFT Beer Market

It wasn't too long since since the CRAFT opened back up after speculations of a norovirus outbreak and it's understandable if their customer base has shrunken due to the rumours...but after my visit last week, I can say that CRAFT is still going strong and is still a local favourite among those who venture through the beautiful Olympic Village. My friend and I had initially wanted to visit the Food Truck Festival nearby but were met by a massive rain shower so we went to seek shelter at CRAFT, hoping they would be able to seat us. For a ~3pm meal time, there was quite the lineup to get a spot and we were left with a pager to notify us of an opening. 

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