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EVENT: 2018 Brunch Affair Food Festival

Courtesy of Collective Events + Marketing Inc, I was invited to attend this year's Brunch Affair Food Festival in North Vancouver as a guest. Held over a period of 2 days (July 7-8, 2018 (10AM-4PM)), this small and cozy event invites local food/drink vendors and live music into the Pipe Shop's event and patio space where families and brunch lovers alike can relax this weekend. 

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Sushi Bella

Korean run Japanese restaurants are on the rise in Vancouver and I'm happy to have visited yet another (don't forget Sushi and Roll!) one - Sushi Bella! Unlike many of the sushi restaurants here, Sushi Bella has multiple locations in Vancouver, one being the location in North Vancouver not too far from the Lonsdale Pier that my friend and I visited last month. This spot is definitely trendy and modern which I think is a reason why it is such a hit with a a wide variety of customers. Bella's Chef Kabel claims to bring his experience in Japanese, French, and Italian flavours to the I guess it was our job to experience them.

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