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Q Shi Q Japanese BBQ

Q Shi Q - a play on of 串 (kushi), the Japanese word for skewer - was actually scheduled to open a few days ago (when I paid my first visit only to find that they postponed their opening date) but only yesterday officially opened to the public for lunch and dinner. It's located in the midst of a neighbourhood of warehouse-y offices near Earnest Ice Cream just out of Olympic Village and is, visually, a very beautiful establishment. 

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I don't even know where to begin with this post, but I guess I can start by telling you that I'm salivating just at the memory of eating the food at Ancora.

Ancora is one of the new kids on the block (it's located where C Restaurant used to be) which specializes in using West Coast ingredients through Peruvian and Japanese techniques and flavours. From the stunning harbourfront view to the glistening crystal chandelier to the lovely service and exceptional food, Ancora is a gem that I almost want to keep to myself. 

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Waffle Gone Wild

There really isn't anything better than waffles for dessert, I mean they're savoury AND sweet. Waffle Gone Wild has been around for a while but I only recently got the chance to visit (and thank goodness I did). This place is super cozy and seats 10 people at most. If you've been to Nero's Belgium Waffles in downtown, you'll find that Waffle Gone Wild has a similar layout. It is however, much "cuter" here as there are collages of pictures and other decorations around the store. Unlike Nero's, you can sit down at a table before ordering if you're planning to dine in.

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Sushi on Rice Guide pt.1

So I realized I really like guide and if any of you follow me on Instagram, you'll notice that I eat nigiri/oshi sushi everywhere I can. I'm not a sushi expert and I'm actually mildly allergic to raw fish (which is why I'm really cautious about eating sashimi) but I thought it'd be fun to share with you guys my experience with some of Vancouver's "sushi on rice" offerings (nigiri + oshi sushi in particular).

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Okay so if you haven't heard of Minami, chances are you are either 1) not that interested in Vancouver's Japanese food or 2) living and eating under a rock. But if you really haven't heard of them, Minami is one of the Japanese restaurants under the Aburi brand and is the sister restaurant of the popular Miku and relatively new Aburi restaurant, Gyoza Bar (which I did a review of here). Although Minami isn't the first of the Aburi restaurants in Vancouver, I would definitely rank it as first among its sister restaurants. Here's a rundown of my meal during my most recent visit a few days ago.

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Japanese food has been all the rage here in Vancouver and a relatively new addition to the community is Shishinori, a small cafe that serves modernized Japanese food with a bit of a healthy twist. Located not too far from Boradway City Hall Skytrain station, this little eatery boasts of modern, simple, and home-y feeling decor and atmosphere. It's to no surprise that many people call Shishinori their usual spot.

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