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I admit I've only ever heard of Le Tigre ( founders Steve Kuan + Clement Chan's first business) and never really had the opportunity to visit the famous food truck but once word hit the internet that there was going to be a brick and mortar by the same people, I knew I had to put it on my list of to-go's. After much anticipation, they've finally held their grand opening this past Friday and.. you guessed it: I had to go to witness all the hype for myself. Torafuku (寅福) in Japanese means lucky tiger and from that alone, I could get the feel that Torafuku would be into the Asian inspired modern food trend. As you'll see from some of the menu options below, the dishes are what I would consider Japanese nouveau and also follow the izakaya trend of offering share-able food options to pair with drinks.

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G-Men / Ramen Izakaya @ NanChuu 南廚

A long long time ago.... G Men was actually located in Continental Plaza but I guess there wasn't much enough hustle and bustle there to really take off. I remembering being devastated when I found out they were leaving, I mean where would I get legit Japanese ramen in Richmond anymore? Apparently my prayers were answered around a year and half ago when they re opened under a new name- NanChuu, still run by the same company though. 

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