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Bacchus has surprisingly never been on my radar and I'm not sure if it's just because it's so hidden and underrated or if I'm just not their target customer. Bacchus operates under downtown's luxury boutique hotel, Wedgewood Hotel and regularly awarded for being the city's best lounge/bar. That is to no surprise especially after my most recent visit a while ago when I had the chance to dine here  thanks to my Dine Out Vancouver 2014 grand prize.

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Diva at the Met

Off to another restaurant on my Dine Out List and what better day to splurge than on my birthday. Diva at the Met is located just across the street from the Four Seasons hotel that links to Pacific Centre downtown. Heads up- the main entrance is actually located beside the front doors of the Metropolitan. With the assortment of dishes on the menu, it's kinda difficult to decide on what to get so thank god for the tasting menu which serves a five course meal for $55/person. Like most preset menus, everyone at your table is expected to order the same thing. Boo for less meal variety :( Anyways, the meal starts off with quite a cute molecular infused shot of something green I don't remember and a selection of bread sticks.

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