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Bistro Verde at Nordstrom

Nordstrom, as many Vancouverites know, is the city's newest place to be downtown as we have finally been blessed with our own Nordstrom. Amongst the designer brands and crowds of anxious shoppers sits Bistro Verde, Nordstrom's very own restaurant which is located on the third floor of the store. Bistro Verde has an upscale (Nordstrom-ish) aura as its interior is sleek and surrounded by big windowed-walls which overlook downtown Howe Street. 

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I admit I've only ever heard of Le Tigre ( founders Steve Kuan + Clement Chan's first business) and never really had the opportunity to visit the famous food truck but once word hit the internet that there was going to be a brick and mortar by the same people, I knew I had to put it on my list of to-go's. After much anticipation, they've finally held their grand opening this past Friday and.. you guessed it: I had to go to witness all the hype for myself. Torafuku (寅福) in Japanese means lucky tiger and from that alone, I could get the feel that Torafuku would be into the Asian inspired modern food trend. As you'll see from some of the menu options below, the dishes are what I would consider Japanese nouveau and also follow the izakaya trend of offering share-able food options to pair with drinks.

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The Ramen Butcher

My first post of 2015 welcomes the new The Ramen Butcher, a Chinatown ramen shop opened by the Japanese ramen god Menya Kouji,  to the Vancouver dining scene. To be honest, I never felt too confident about the choice of location for many Chinatown eateries but recently, the continued success of Phnom Penh, Matchstick, and the well received Crackle Creme gives me confidence that non-downtown restaurants can flourish as well. With that, location shouldn't lag this newcomer behind long time favourites such as Santouka as long as they can keep up with quality. So let's get on it shall we; a look at the much hyped Ramen Butcher on grand opening day..

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