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33 Acres Brewery ft. Tacofino

That's right, it's about time I finally got a chance to stop by this quickly growing establishment by the name of 33 Acres Brewery near the Broadway-City Hall station. As a family owned brewery, 33 Acres oozes of distinct style and a bustling, friendly vibe. Along with brewing their own beer, 33 Acres partners with various food trucks and other indie eateries in the city to bring a truly new type of dining experience.

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Burgers burgers burgers...

So I've been a fan of In N Out burgers since the first time I visited San Fran last year and clearly nothing has been able to satisfy my taste buds ever since....until now.. maybe. But good news Vancouver, there's a pretty decent substitute for burger lovers if you haven't already known - Hamburger $2.85! 

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