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베테랑 Veteran Kalguksu: Apparently Noodles Can Get Better

Sorry for the hiatus, but I'm back on the blog! But this time I'm taking you all to the other side of the map - in South Korea! I spent roughly a month going through Seoul, Jeonju (the traditional food capital of Korea), and Busan visiting friends...and of course eating with them too. As a big fan of Korean food, my trip has been crazy packed with just eating - to my delight.

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Bistro Verde at Nordstrom

Nordstrom, as many Vancouverites know, is the city's newest place to be downtown as we have finally been blessed with our own Nordstrom. Amongst the designer brands and crowds of anxious shoppers sits Bistro Verde, Nordstrom's very own restaurant which is located on the third floor of the store. Bistro Verde has an upscale (Nordstrom-ish) aura as its interior is sleek and surrounded by big windowed-walls which overlook downtown Howe Street. 

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