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CN Tower 360 Revolving Restaurant

The inner tourist in me was loud and strong when my friends and I decided to make the ultimate tourist restaurant reservation at CN Tower's 360 Restaurant. Touristy destinations' restaurants like Vancouver's own Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant (downtown) aren't usually well received so I expected only a view and overpriced "food" when ascending the 33 floors via CN's high speed elevator. But...I guess you can say I was in for a surprise that night.

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The Flying Pig ('Appy Hour)

Happy hour is everyone's favourite hour and what better place to enjoy cheaper food than at Vancouver's best "nouveau Canadian Bistro"- The Flying Pig. My friend and I decided to pay a little spontaneous visit to the Gastown location after we took a look at the chicken wing showdown happening just across at the Lamplighter. Even at 5pm, there's quite the crowd of people hanging about and that's all thanks to the amazing deal The Flying Pig has to offer with reduced prices on their appetizer menu and select drinks.

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