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Umami Burger

America is seriously all about burgers and Umami Burger is a prime example of excellence sandwiched between two buns. I've heard things about Umami Burger, about how amazing their burgers and fries are - so of course I jumped on the opportunity to try the food for myself when J and I were looking for something to eat at The Grove.

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Ramen Koika x Ramen Burger

I'm sure if you live in Vancouver and pay even the slightest bit of attention to the social media food updates, you'll know that the ramen burger has arrived in town. I remember seeing a picture of the ramen burger a while back ago when it surfaced in the States and right then I knew I had to try that glorious handful of fried goodness. I mean what can go wrong when you combine ramen (my favourite food) with anything..?

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Burgers burgers burgers...

So I've been a fan of In N Out burgers since the first time I visited San Fran last year and clearly nothing has been able to satisfy my taste buds ever since....until now.. maybe. But good news Vancouver, there's a pretty decent substitute for burger lovers if you haven't already known - Hamburger $2.85! 

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