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As a Richmond native, Alexandra Road (Central Richmond) is basically my home and Cocoru is the newest addition to the Alexandra family. Unlike most restaurants in the area, this one is actually Korean run and has a fun and modern appeal; decorated with superhero figurines everywhere. 

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Haroo Korean Homestyle Cuisine

Richmond has an overabundance of good Chinese and Japanese food but lacks a lot with Korean food. Sure there's Dai Jang Kum, Kyung Bok Palace, and Woe Ga Jib, but honestly their food is just normal- heavy msg, lots of oil, the same banchans over and over again...I've really been hoping for something cooked with a bit more authentic Korean love. 

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G-Men / Ramen Izakaya @ NanChuu 南廚

A long long time ago.... G Men was actually located in Continental Plaza but I guess there wasn't much enough hustle and bustle there to really take off. I remembering being devastated when I found out they were leaving, I mean where would I get legit Japanese ramen in Richmond anymore? Apparently my prayers were answered around a year and half ago when they re opened under a new name- NanChuu, still run by the same company though. 

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