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720 Sweets

New ice cream places are popping up left and right in Vancouver these days and the newest one in town is 720 Sweets, a little shop in Kitsilano just across from East is East which opened last week. At 720 Sweets, they specialize in ice cream that is visually appealing and donned with toppings, cookies, and other weird things like cotton candy

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J wanted to bring me somewhere new today so I happily followed and after a while, we arrived at a secluded old-fashion Asian house which turned out to be Akasaka, a Korean-Japanese restaurant. I was going to get the best of both worlds in one meal? Sign me up. To my surprise, the whole front dining area was empty; everyone was actually dining in the individual Japanese style rooms in the of course we followed suit. The rooms and restaurant were well kept and clean and I had a positive outlook on the rest of my experience. Little did I know there was much more in store for me.

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"Chambar: an unpretentious fling with fine dining"

...probably one of the more accurate statements a restaurant has used to describe itself. The Schuermans (owners of Chambar and Cafe Medina) have not disappointed with the new and improved Chambar on Beatty Street. The variety of food has expanded and the dining space is nothing short of modern elegance. My review today is based off my most recent two visits

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Malt + Marrow

Malt & Marrow is one of Vancouver's newer restaurant additions which boasts of "good drinks, good food, and good company" with Northern European influences. Looking for some West Coast cuisine in the area, my friend and I decided to try out this modern gastropub and take advantage of their lovely patio area.

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Sushi Loku (reposted)

Sushi places are everywhere in Vancouver and it's easy to miss gems especially when they look like any ordinary Korean run sushi restaurant. Thank goodness I heard of Sushi Loku a while ago and decided to give it a visit recently. Located on East Broadway and Carolina Street, the exterior of Sushi Loku may not look like much but I can assure you that you'll be pleasantly surprised to find more than what you were looking for.

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Ramen Danbo

So everyone's been talking about a new ramen place in town and it's called  Ramen Danbo which is situated in the heart of Kitsilano. They boast of their authentic Fukouoka Hakata style Tonkotsu (pork based) ramen which has supposedly extremely rich broth and firm,  thin noodles. I was in the area last week and decided that my ramen addiction needed attending to. Here I am to share with you my thoughts from this visit.

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