Uno Gelato: Gelato Master, James Coleridge Drops His New Mixtape

If you're from Vancouver, you would know about Bella Gelateria, a well-loved gelato hotspot that sits in the heart of tourist central at Harbourfront/Coal Harbour. It's gelato, made originally by Maestro James Coleridge, has received countless awards and recognition from all around the world and for that reason, many locals and tourists alike flock in groups to have a taste of truly creamy, Italian gelato. Long story short, some things changed and James was left without Bella Gelateria and only recently has news broke that he would be opening a new gelato venture - which is why we now welcome Uno Gelato to the city (and yes, Uno, because James is #1)! Uno is clean and sleek - its Kitsilano location is small but intimate, with clean white surroundings and lots of natural light from the large windows that face the street.

As part of introducing Uno to the public, I was invited to a media event to sample and experience James' new and exciting adventure. We received a tour of the gelato process and tasted different ingredients that the store uses to make its gelato from scratch. Unlike a lot of other ice cream/gelato shops, Uno doesn't like overly sweet flavours. During our tour, I learned that sugar is actually used to help balance the freezing point of the gelato and it is possible to utilize different ingredients to achieve different levels of sweetness without compromising the ideal freezing point. Pretty cool, eh?


As for the menu, it is definitely less extensive as Bella's but I found the flavours to be more attractive, like the ones we devoured below. The prices are generally quite similar to Bella's as a single scoop will go for $6 and double scoop for $7.50 (cup or any cone type). The special "Maestro" flavours will cost you an extra $0.75 but oh it is well worth it.

. . .





  • *BLACK + BLUE: Organic hand-picked blueberries and blackberries from Naty and Hazelmere Organic Farm (South Surrey)

    • Imagine blending freshly picked blueberries and blackberries and licking it on a cone - ok don't need to imagine anymore because this is the reality of this flavour. It's all fruit and takes on the natural sweetness of the berries as well, making it my favourite fruity flavour here (though the mango stole my heart too). There is really no other flavour like this one.

  • WHITE COFFEE: Infusion of La Futura espresso bean from local coffee roaster, Milano

    • When you think of coffee, the first thought is probably a mid-depth, roasty flavour. But this white coffee is the nice roastiness without the "heaviness", in fact, this flavour is light and slightly sweeter. I would say it's like smooth mix of white chocolate and coffee without the sharp sweetness. I really liked this flavour and I think it would do well with people who aren't feeling too adventurous but still want to taste something new. Two thumbs up for me!


  • AKBAR MASHTI: Persian classic with saffron, rosewater, and pieces of cream

    • This flavour is creamy, milky, fragrant. If you've never had it before, it's like an upgrade from vanilla, though less sweet and more aromatic. My favourite creamy gelato here.

  • EDEN'S MANGO TANGO (GF): Hand-peeled Atulfo mangos from Mexico

    • If you could eat a whole mango like gelato, it would be this flavour right here. As if you're licking a freshly peeled mango, this flavour is packed with dense mango goodness. This is a mango lover's dream.




*Maestro flavour*

Happy gelato-eating!


R E V I E W.

+ food quality: 10/10

+ price/affordability: 8/10

+ atmosphere: 8.5/10

+ overall: 9/10