EVENT: 2018 Brunch Affair Food Festival

Courtesy of Collective Events + Marketing Inc, I was invited to attend this year's Brunch Affair Food Festival in North Vancouver as a guest. Held over a period of 2 days (July 7-8, 2018 (10AM-4PM)), this small and cozy event invites local food/drink vendors and live music into the Pipe Shop's event and patio space where families and brunch lovers alike can relax this weekend. 

F&B vendors at this event include:
* denotes stalls I was able to visit

To purchase any food or beverages, attendees will have to 

  1. Purchase General Admission @ $5 (which can be also purchased online to skip the line)
  2. Purchase tokens which can be exchanged for food and beverages @ $2.50/token

With that in mind, partial proceeds from the event will be donated to The Society for the Advancement of Artists and Musicians (SAAM) which provides support to local BC-based musicians in the form of access to recording, booking resources, etc. So think of it as giving back to the community when you snack on some of your favourite brunch foods! Though I was given free access, I was limited to the number of foods I would be able to redeem - therefore the food I chose was based on my level of interest beforehand or interest during the event. Maybe this will give you a good idea on where to start/what you can expect :)



vietnamese latte + stroopwafel

2 tokens + 1 token (respectively) = $7.50

So I have heard A LOT about this moving coffee truck which is notorious for odd opening hours and equally out-of-the-way parking spots in the city (at least for me haha). It comes in the form of a "mobile coffee bar" which is run by Johnny and Andy who were both originally from 49th Parallel Coffee. They're widely known for their stroopwafels (a Dutch waffle made from two thin layers of baked dough which sandwiches a caramel syrup filling) and locally sourced coffees. Oh and if you've never had a stroopwafel before, believe me, you'll want 1,2, or 10.  The stroopwafels are pre-made and individually packaged whereas the coffee is freshly brewed on the spot. I chose the Vietnamese Latte as I've never had a latte version of Vietnamese coffee before. Yes, I know it's a latte but I would've preferred it to be less sweet to balance out the sweetness of the stroopwafels better. However, I'm not complaining because warm stroopwafels make me happy.

Pro tip: place your stroopwafel on top of your coffee like a lid (like the last picture) to heat it up a bit!

If you're coming to the Brunch Affair, you better have this combo on you.


whipped & beaten

s'more tart

1 token = $2.50

The baked goods from Whipped & Beaten are normally found in Milano Cafe locations , Turk's on the Drive, and Renzo's Cafe so savour the fact that they're here at the event! They've showcased several items which can usually be directly ordered from the company: scones, tarts, galettes, and focaccia - I chose the dainty and beautiful s'more tart which is made from a graham biscuit shell and recycled grains from nearby breweries, chocolate ganache, and torched marshmallow. It's a small bite but definitely delectable - though you can be the judge of whether or not $2.50 is a steep price to pay for a single bite or two. Their other yummy treats go for 2 tokens but are much more dense/larger in portion size if you're looking for something heartier.



s'more cookie dough

2 tokens = $5

I never really grew up eating cookie dough but the second I tasted a bite of Prebak's, I knew I've been missing out on something. Unlike basic edible cookie dough, this cup is made from artisanal ingredients such as chia seeds (instead of eggs), heat-treated flour, and organic cane sugar. I was so surprised to find out that this cute, sky-blue, food cart has only been around for 2 months! They can usually be found at local events or locations listed on their website.

I oped out of the basic original cookie dough flavour and went ahead to try both the s'mores and peanut butter flavour (which are the owners' favourites). Both are oh-so-yummy but I ultimately decided on s'mores cause clearly I had a s'mores theme going on. The consistency is like a dry peanut butter and chunky from the bits of chocolate chip, marshmallow, and graham crackers. I loved the texture from the chia seeds and the fact that even after finishing the cup, my sweet tooth wasn't hurting. Would've loved to take another home if we had brought a cooler of some sort!


The Brunch Affair Food Festival  is definitely not a large event and not meant for a night market-level crowd. It's family-friendly, wood picnic benches, laid-back music, and charming decor for a weekday afternoon. I loved the ambiance and the actual lack of crowds though the token/food prices were arguably a bit steeper than I had initially expected. If you're in the North Vancouver area today, I do think it's worth a visit to peruse the options and take in the slow and cheery vibe this event provides. I mean, even if you don't find what you're looking for, the Lonsdale Quay is only a few steps away.

Well hope this helps!