Field and Social: How To Start Loving Salad

I'm not vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian (whatever else you call it), in fact, I'm super pro-omnivore (okay I'm starting to sound like a dinosaur). But basically, I'm not a salad person but here I am reviewing a a place specializing in salads.

Field & Social is Vancouver's newest salad shop which serves locally inspired salads made from local ingredients. Their shop on the corner of Dunsmuir and West Georgia is absolutely beautiful - bright, clean, and glazed with a modern industrial feel. It's all very reminiscent of the layout of Earnest Ice Cream thanks to the work of the same designer. I'm definitely no expert in salads but allow me to introduce you to my experience at Field & Social!



house made lemonade

@ 3.5


Not exactly your typical watery lemonade - this one comes thicker with orange puree and either mint leaves or cucumbers (or both, my memory is terrible). Much more sour than I had expected but I would see how this is super detoxing which goes along well with the healthy, locally-sourced salad theme they're going for at Field & Social.



black kale caesar

applewood smoked chicken thigh, organic black kale, grilled romaine, grana padano, smoked paprika croutons & hazelnuts (caesar dressing revised & re-imagined) @ 13


My favourite salad out of the two we ordered during our visit. The portion was surprisingly large and packed with ingredients not limited to veggies. I've never had black kale before but it has a bumpier texture than ...I guess "normal" kale and was a bit more bitter. However, the grated parmesan cheese and mix in with romaine lettuce helped to balance out the flavours.  The croutons were also a nice little touch to spice things up a bit. I absolutely LOVED the Applewood smoked chicken thigh - super juicy and flavourful as you can still taste a bit of the smokiness on the outer layers of the meat. According to the staff, the smoked chicken (which is made locally) is only being distributed to Field and Social so far - so guess where I'm getting my chicken fix nowadays... Overall, a surprisingly filling and satisfying bowl of salad.


field cobb (GF)

roasted chicken breast, crispy cured pork tenderloin, soft boiled egg, goat cheese, vine tomato, butter lettuce, radish & cucumber (creamy avocado & goat cheese dressing) @ 14


Your classic lettuce salad topped with some beautiful and clean condiments. I liked the balance of veggies and proteins which provided enough variety but not too much that the bowl just seemed like an awkward mix of everything. The light drizzle of creamy sauce also adds to the overall textures and flavours. The soft boiled ramen-like egg was a great addition alongside the chicken breast which was a bit too dry in my opinion (but I mean it's chicken breast...and I'm biased against chicken breast) - but the tad of seasoning on it helped a bit. For people who are super keen on eating lean and healthy, this is your bowl in a super eye-pleasing form.




With great service, music (their music is on point), layout, and food, it's not hard to love the dining experience here at Field & Social. Clearly nothing beats eating something super healthy, beautiful, and locally sourced while people watching at the bar seat. Honestly, there's something really calming and therapeutic about just being in the space. If I liked salads more, I would definitely be here more often..but for all you salad lovers out there - this is your place to be!

R E V I E W.

+ food quality: 8.5/10 
+ price/affordability: 7/10
+ atmosphere: 9.5/10 
+ overall: 8.5/10
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