Snowy Village Dessert Cafe

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Alexandra Rd. is really the hub for all food in Richmond and it's to no surprise that there is another new addition to the crew. I would like to introduce you to Snowy Village Dessert Cafe, a Korean dessert shop specializing in bingsu/bingsoo, aka shaved ice, which come with preset toppings. This shop is seriously tucked away and hard to find if you're not a Richmond regular - but if you're a darts fan and know about West Coast Darts, Snowy Village is located just across the plaza.

Other than bingsu, Snowy Village also offers taiyaki (fish shaped cake), toast, drinks, and small cakes. 


fruit bingsu

mango bingsu

regular size @ $10


4.75/5 - My favourite flavour just because of how fruity and fresh it tastes. Maybe it's because the combination is so simple that I find it the easiest to devour without feeling too full. I also found that the milky "snowflakes" were best showcased/tasted when paired with a fruit as opposed to the heavier toppings like rice cakes and red bean. The shaved ice is absolutely heavenly by itself as well - think of scooping up freshly fallen snow mid-December, that's exactly the texture of this bingsoo which is also milky and sweet. This is definitely a change from the typical shaved ice you get around Vancouver which is basically, shaved you-guessed-it ice, which is more crunchy and tasteless than the "snowflakes" at Snowy Village.

I recommend getting the mango bingsu if it's your first time trying Snowy Village or just super indecisive with the menu.


snow ice bingsu

injeolmi + green tea bingsu

regular size @ $8


injeolmi: 4/5 - For those not too familiar with injeolmi, it's basically a type of Korean rice cake covered with a "sauce" consisting of red beans, bean powder, and such. So take all that and pile it onto a mountain of shaved ice and you've got Snowy Village's injeolmi bingsu. I'm not too big a fan of rice cakes or red bean so this flavour isn't my go-to but I admit that the combination can be quite addicting.

green tea: 4/5 - The green tea bingsoo is not too unfamiliar to most as it comes with green tea powder, rice cake, red bean, condensed milk, and almond pieces. Satisfying and very standard for what I would expect from this bingsoo and most likely a must-order for any of the "traditional" (green tea and red bean combination) green tea lovers out there.



taiyaki w/ custard filling

@$3.50/1 piece, $10/3 pieces


4.5/5 - Taiyaki (fish-shaped cake) is usually found in the actual shape of a fish and made from pancake/waffle batter. The taiyakis at Snowy Village are quite unique in the way that they're made from a puff pastry dough and "pressed" into a fish shape. I really loved the crunchy and crisp texture that comes from the change in dough which is also slightly sweet. Fillings range from the traditional azuki (red bean), nutella, and custard - satisfying for any taiyaki lover.

In my opinion, this is a must order.


Although quite pricey and a bit cramped when full, Snow Village is quickly becoming my go-to place for dessert in the area. The desserts here aren't too crazy and fits my sweet tooth nicely. Did I mention that there's a take out option as well? For (I think) +$2, you can get a bingsu in a plastic container and packaged in a small cooler bag with a pack of dry ice. Efficient and cute 8) In fact, due to the lineups recently, I've been getting my fair share of take out bags haha. Again, because of the influx of people at Snowy Village, it's a good idea to go right when they open (~5:00pm) to avoid pulling your hair out because of the crazy lineups.

Happy bingsoo-ing!

R E V I E W.

+ food quality: 8.75/10 
+ price/affordability: 7/10
+ atmosphere: 8/10 
+ overall: 8/10
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