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New ice cream places are popping up left and right in Vancouver these days and the newest one in town is 720 Sweets, a little shop in Kitsilano just across from East is East which opened last week. At 720 Sweets, they specialize in ice cream that is visually appealing and donned with toppings, cookies, and other weird things like cotton candy while liquid nitrogen smokes from the bottom of the cup. It's not a new concept in the food world but definitely a first for food in Vancouver. 

Initially I thought the ice cream at 720 Sweets would be liquid nitrogen/lab made ice cream (like Ice Cream Lab in LA and Lab Made in Hong Kong) from one look at the ice cream pictures but actually, each cup of ice cream is fitted into a larger paper cup which is filled with the smoking liquid nitrogen. I think it varies but my liquid nitrogen lasted maybe a little over a minute while others' lasted double the time. But putting aside the liquid nitrogen, let's get into the edible stuff.


ice cream

s'more + milky way

s'mores: chocolate ice cream, chocolate corn flakes, dark chocolate drizzle, almond stick, toasted marshmallow @5.95
milky way: milky tea ice cream, crushed almond nuts, caramel drizzle, espresso jelly, almond cookie @5.95

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s'more: 3.25/5 - Cute presentation and a nice combination of textures. However, the ice cream itself isn't spectacular and quite plain. I feel like if you're going to name a dessert "s'more", you have to have at least a bit of graham cracker in it. I would've also liked it more if the marshmallow was toasted more thoroughly.

milky way: 3.75/5 - I liked the blend of flavours and ingredients in this ice cream more. The light milk tea ice cream and jelly contrasts with the heavy caramel sauce and crunch of the crushed nuts. The combination is almost reminiscent of a typical Asian dessert thanks to the milk tea flavour and grass-jelly-like jelly. Unlike the actual description of the Milky Way, I don't think they actually included an almond cookie but a shortbread cookie which surprisingly didn't turn into a pile of mush by the time I ate it. I do feel like the milk tea flavour in the ice cream could be stronger and milkier.



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So to conclude, 720 Sweets brings a new variation of dessert to the city and it is definitely fun, cute, and Instagram worthy while still being decently tasty. My biggest concerns are the consistency of the food, quality of ice cream, and the store space in general. As I said earlier, the amount of liquid nitrogen I had lasted significantly shorter which was kinda a bummer for pictures. The ice cream isn't fantastic and honestly I don't find anything really interesting with their flavours (milk tea has already been done by UYU and BETA5). The store is really small and I wonder how customers will feel bringing their ice creams outside to eat when it really starts to get chilly. 

If you want good ICE CREAM, go elsewhere. If you want a fun, shareable experience, come here. All in all, I guess 720 Sweets banks on their different approach to dessert which is fun and easy to enjoy with friends while still being affordable and tasty - and it works :)

R E V I E W.

+ food quality:7/10 
+ service: 8.5/10
+ price/affordability: 8/10
+ atmosphere: 7.5/10 
+ overall: 7.5/10
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