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J wanted to bring me somewhere new today so I happily followed and after a while, we arrived at a secluded old-fashion Asian house which turned out to be Akasaka, a Korean-Japanese restaurant. I was going to get the best of both worlds in one meal? Sign me up. To my surprise, the whole front dining area was empty; everyone was actually dining in the individual Japanese style rooms in the back...so of course we followed suit. The rooms and restaurant were well kept and clean and I had a positive outlook on the rest of my experience. Little did I know there was much more in store for me.



oyster fry


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3.75/5 - Okay I'm going to start off by saying that you should never trust the pictures in menus. The fried oysters we got were probably the size of a golf ball but the pictures showed oysters that looked like the ones at Rodney's. I was so excited but was clearly left very disappointed when this dish came. Luckily, they tasted decent. However, I thought the batter could have been thicker and the tartar sauce could have been better if it actually had the consistency of tartar sauce (it was super runny).


korean style bbq and combos


pan fried noodles, beef, vegetables @9.95

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4.5/5 - The japchae here is not bad - pan fried with all the right ingredients and flavours. However, it's nothing special.


rolls and sushi

select nigiri

pacific salmon, chopped scalled with quail egg, ikura, toro, hamachi, kani @1.95-2.95/piece

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3.25/5 - The actual pieces of seafood were actually very fresh but I have complaints about the rice and the structure of the sushi. I mean I really wanted to enjoy my nigiri but it's hard when 1) the piece falls apart before you can even get it off the plate (the chopped scallop nigiri was actually already broken by the time it got to our table) and 2) when the sushi rice underneath the fish is shaped like a small mountain. I guess you could say that the rice was shaped to balance out the length of the fish but seriously, it was so hard to stuff in my mouth and the rice just looked like it was really badly shaped.



spicy salmon sashimi


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3.75/5 - J commented that the portion of sashimi shrunk since the last time he visited but the fish itself was still pretty fresh. Nothing spectacular and in my opinion, pricey for what they give you.


special roll

volcano roll

baked and on fire: spicy scallop, crab meat, asparagus inside, snapped on top @13.95

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4/5 - It's a cool concept - a flaming sushi roll. Sadly it's not as cool in reality as the fire is barely visible on the hot plate. However, some good ingredients were smothered in cheesy goodness which makes for a pretty satisfying experience. I don't regret ordering it but I probably wouldn't order it again.



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So the food is not too bad in terms of quality of ingredients, I just find some noticeable flaws in execution of certain dishes. However, I really didn't enjoy my time here as the service didn't match the atmosphere of the restaurant. The place is nice and all but their staff is clearly very impatient, borderline rude, and not very friendly. In the span of the first 10 minutes in the restaurant, we were asked for our order 3 times and each time we were met with a more rude staff member. Even when we ordered minutes later, the waitress was giving us some uneeded attitude and sadly that impression lasted through the whole meal for me. Aside from one server who was super polite and friendly, everyone else who served us was just not welcoming at all. I honestly don't ask much of restaurant staff and I rarely ever request for anything special; J and I are quite easy customers and if even we were left super unsatisfied with service, then that's saying something. 

The food is not bad and I think Akasaka is a decent place to visit for food  variety but I would never want to encounter that type of service again so unfortunately, I'm not coming back for a good while.

R E V I E W.

+ food quality: 7/10 
+ service: 5/10
+ price/affordability: 7/10
+ atmosphere: 7.5/10 
+ overall: 6.5/10
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