Sushi on Rice Guide pt.1


So I realized I really like guide and if any of you follow me on Instagram, you'll notice that I eat nigiri/oshi sushi everywhere I can. I'm not a sushi expert and I'm actually mildly allergic to raw fish (which is why I'm really cautious about eating sashimi) but I thought it'd be fun to share with you guys my experience with some of Vancouver's "sushi on rice" offerings (nigiri + oshi sushi in particular).




I reviewed Minami here.


Order everything: the nigiri, aburi oshi sushi, oshi bites...

the nigiri: 4.75/5

order again?: Yes

the aburi oshi sushi: 4.75/5

order again?: Yes



You'll see from the list of positive/+4 rating reviews that Miku is pretty well loved in Vancouver. I admit that a few years ago, Miku was my definition of high quality modern Japanese dining. Recently however, I opt for Minami or Kishimoto if I'm suffering from nice sushi withdrawals. 

the nigiri: still pretty good stuff.

  • I love the paired sauces with each piece of nigiri. Each goes very well with the respective fish
  • The size of each piece is manageable and appropriate - pieces are not too big or small
  • Good quality seafood and fresh cuts. I remember silky smooth textures
  • For aburi nigiri, the sear is light and consistent

the aburi oshi: meh.

  • 3/5 of the times I order oshi sushi at Miku, the sushi falls apart way too easily
  • Aburi oshi sushi means that there's a bit of searing involved, hinting that fresh sushi should still be a bit warm. However, the aburi oshi sushi here is oddly room-temperature and tastes like it's been sitting around for too long
  • The layer of fish is so thin and paired with a really thick block of rice. It's just not a good ratio for me


Order the nigiri not the aburi oshi sushi.

Nigiri: 4.5/5

order again?: Yes

Aburi Oshi Sushi: 3/5

order again?: No


*I'd like to point out that a lot more people I hear from prefer Miku over Minami while I strongly choose the latter. I guess it just goes to show how different each experience is!*

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I reviewed Kishimoto on here.


Possibly the best aburi oshi sushi in town here .... but you gotta wait for it

the nigiri: 3.75/5

order again?: Maybe

the aburi oshi sushi: 5/5

order again?: Yes Yes Yes YES

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2015-05-12 04.12.50 1.jpg
2015-05-12 04.12.48 1.jpg

Tojo's is famous for high quality authentic Japanese food and much loved in Vancouver. Although there are a lot of creative rolls offered here, I like saving my stomach for the goodness that is Tojo's sashimi and nigiri. 

the nigiri: SO FRESH and SO GOOD

  • The texture of each fish is velvety and smooth
  • Very fresh selection of seafood
  • Manageable pieces and good ratio of fish to wasabi to rice

*special mention*

the tuna sashimi: crazy good. order it. order it now

I was graced with blue fun tuna being the featured tuna sashimi during my visit. I'm pretty sure even if it wasn't blue fin tuna, it would still taste amazing but believe me, this tuna was to die for. Incredibly fatty meat marinated in a lovely light sauce. Nothing takes away from the natural taste and texture of the fish and I loved it. If you're more of a meat lover, let me put it here for you: blue fin tuna to fish is like wagyu beef to meat.


Order everything that's fresh.

the nigiri: 4.75/5

order again?: Yes

the tuna sashimi: 5/5

order again?: Yes

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blue water cafe + raw bar

2014-09-16 09.10.06 2.jpg
2014-09-16 09.08.11 1.jpg

I reviewed Blue Water a while ago here.


Blue Water isn't your typical traditional Japanese restaurant, in fact it's like a high end Western restaurant - but don't let that fool you, the raw bar chef Mr. Maruyama's raw bar offerings (the nigiri in particular) will blow you away.

the nigiri: 5/5

order again?: YES. ANYTIME. YES


2015-07-17 02.46.15 2.jpg
2015-07-17 02.48.11 2.jpg

Suika, Kingyo, Rajio - all Vancouver favourites for modern Japanese cuisine. There's quite a few creative dishes here but somehow, aburi sushi always catches my attention. 

the aburi "shime-saba" sushi: it's okay

  • Almost too much flavour going on with the sauce underneath as well as on top
  • Because of all the sauce, it loosens up the rice and usually, the pieces fall apart when you pick them up
  • Very thick pieces of fish but not necessarily as fresh tasting as I would like

the aburi toro battera: another okay

  • I love toro but I also didn't find it as fresh as I would have liked
  • Thick slices of fish with just enough sauce to complement the fish


If you're looking for really good sushi, go elsewhere. Suika is more for modern Japanese food and an izakaya experience.

the aburi sushi: 3.25/5

order again?: No

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sushi loku

I reviewed Sushi Loku here.


Very affordable and tasty: just order them all... but maybe not the rice paper sushi.

the nigiri: 4/5

order again?: Yes

the aburi oshi sushi: 3.75/5

order again?: Maybe

green leaf sushi

2015-04-07 10.58.06 2.jpg
2015-04-07 10.58.08 1.jpg

Green Leaf Sushi is a Korean run "healthy" Japanese restaurant. There's a surprising amount of variety for an affordable price. 

the nigiri: simple and affordable sushi

  • Smaller pieces of sushi but is justified by being a bit more affordable

  • Fresh cuts of fish paired with a nice sized portion of rice

  • Simple sushi - no extra sauces or wasabi


Your wallet finally won't cry if you order lots of decent nigiri.

the nigiri: 3.25/5 (but very affordable)

order again?: Yes

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2015-07-18 02.48.48 1.jpg
2015-07-18 02.48.49 1.jpg

I was never really a fan of Ebisu. I admit they have good drinks and fries (basically good for pre-party eating), but aside from that I don't really find a reason to eat here. The food is very mediocre and service  is particularly questionable (as experienced from the Downtown and Richmond location).

the saba/hamachi/toro inferno -box pressed sushi (basically seared oshi sushi): I'm not sure why I ordered it?

  • Very bland and lacked the signature texture from each fish
  • It honestly tasted like a mush of fish and rice
  • The sear was not even at all


Don't order the inferno sushi. Period.

the inferno sushi: 2/5

order again?: No. Nope

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honjin yaletown sushi restaurant

2015-01-12 05.26.57 1.jpg

Honjin is really tucked away and away from the popular restaurants in Yaletown and closer to the waterside. I wouldn't really think of coming here to eat but I wanted something simple that day and dined here for convenience. This place is nice and clean with friendly service. I do want to point out that service was slow (~20-25) - maybe because it was 

the nigiri:

  • Very small pieces
  • Nice combination of toppings and sauces
  • Simple nigiri that's kinda pricey for how small it is

Not very memorable. Wouldn't go to Yaletown just for Honjin.

the nigiri: 3/5

order again?: No

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kyo korean bbq

2014-09-19 07.55.35 1.jpg

You're probably wondering how a BBQ place ended up on this guide but I thought the sushi here would be worth mentioning. Yes, Kyo serves all you can eat (AYCE) BBQ and it's pretty damn decent. But wait, you can get aburi nigiri here too! It's surprisingly on the AYCE menu which means you can order as much as you want. Yes you read that right. My findings:

the AYCE aburi nigiri:

  • Surprisingly good?! ( I mean it actually tastes like sushi)
  • It's simple but you have the sauce + aburi fish + rice that doesn't all fall apart
  • The sear is actually even and consistent
  • Subtle flavours but the fish isn't all that fresh


I don't know about you, but I'm ordering as many as I want of these.

the AYCE aburi nigiri: 2.75/5

order again?: Yes

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