(Almost) nothing goes better with sunshine than a nice doughnut and coffee to relax with. So to help you all out, I've put together a quick little list of some doughnut friendly shops I've found around town lately that you might enjoy!


49th Parallel & Lucky's Doughnuts

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I wrote a full post about this one here


Cartems Donuterie

+ triple chocolate & earl grey

+ triple chocolate & earl grey

+ earl grey

+ earl grey

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Cartems is one of the doughnut shops around here that has been gaining quite a bit of popularity due to their infamous Earl Grey Doughnut which, in my opinion, is pretty bomb. A decent selection of doughnuts are offered daily with specials every now and then with an accompaniment of a coffee make for a decent tea time location with friends. Cartems boasts of their always-freshly-baked doughnuts which are made from locally sourced ingredients so you can be assured you never eat one of those fake frozen dough rings. They have a lovely bright space which seats about 15 people comfortably.

The price point here is slightly higher than your regular doughnut shop and the size definitely doesn't try to make up for it but the taste and quality per bite is definitely higher. In my opinion, due to the priciness of the doughnuts, I would probably only come here for the earl grey doughnuts as they're the only ones that really stand out for me.

You can check them out in downtown Vancouver on West Pender!

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Duffin's Doughnuts

+ assorted doughnuts

+ assorted doughnuts

Not as popular or well known as 49th Parallel or Cartems but Duffin's offers quite a selection of decent doughnuts for a very reasonable price of roughly $6.50 for a dozen and $4.25 for half a dozen. The interior is definitely nothing like the places listed above and the quality is just about average but if you're in the area and are looking for a place to satisfy your doughnut cravings without hurting your wallet, Duffin's is a very suitable place to pay a visit to.

You can check them out near the intersection of East 41st and Knight Street in Vancouver.

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Krispy Kreme

+ classic krispy kreme

+ classic krispy kreme

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of Krispy Kremes and has probably eaten one but it definitely deserves a place on this list since they are pretty killer. The crisp sugar glaze on a perfectly fried ring of dough satisfies almost every sugar craving out there. And if classic glazed is too boring for you, no worries because there is definitely enough variety for the majority of doughnut lovers out there.The classic glazed one comes in at only $1 and a dozen comes to only $8. Two classic glazed and a coffee is only $3. The deals are endless here.

They're most often found at fundraisers happening around the city but if you want the real deal, go check them out at 120 Street in Delta.

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Outpost Mini Donut Company

+ assorted mini doughnuts

+ assorted mini doughnuts

Why take four bites to finish a doughnut when you can finish them with one? Mini doughnuts definitely solve the popular dilemma of how to eat a doughnut without missing out on all the toppings/glaze on it. Outpost is a popular little bakery in Steveston that serves some of the best mini doughnuts in town with an array of flavours. Cinnamon, lemon meringue. chocolate icing, and maple icing are only some of the many doughnuts you can find here. $4.25 for half a dozen and $6.95 for a dozen is not too shabby for the crisp, bite sized pieces of goodness that you can get on a nice little cone. Sadly, there isn't much seating here so take your cone to go accompany you on your stroll along the docks.

Check them out on Second Avenue in Steveston, Richmond.

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Swiss Bakery

+ chocolate frissant

+ chocolate frissant

I guess this isn't an actual doughnut location but I think a frissant deserves a mention somehwere right? Although located in a secluded, warehouse looking area, Swiss Bakery gained popularity from their frisssant which is the lovechild of a fritter and croissant. It's a tall ring of very fluffy dough which is filled with an assortment of creams and topped with an even larger assortment of icings and glazes. My favourite so far is the vanilla but I have yet to try the other flavours that are offered during different months like the cookies n cream and salted caramel. I'm not sure if it's even right to do this, but I actually heat my frissant a bit before eating to really get the flavour and texture out of the cream and layers of dough inside.

Frissants don't come cheap though, so if you're looking to try one (or two...or three), ready your wallets because they come in at $4 each. Check them out at East 3rd Avenue near Main Street.

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