The Flying Pig ('Appy Hour)

Happy hour is everyone's favourite hour and what better place to enjoy cheaper food than at Vancouver's best "nouveau Canadian Bistro"- The Flying Pig. My friend and I decided to pay a little spontaneous visit to the Gastown location after we took a look at the chicken wing showdown happening just across at the Lamplighter. Even at 5pm, there's quite the crowd of people hanging about and that's all thanks to the amazing deal The Flying Pig has to offer with reduced prices on their appetizer menu and select drinks.


'Appy Hour doesn't really come with the most expansive of menu options but we still had trouble picking a dish- goes to show how good everything on the menu sounds. We ended up going for the House Salmon SamplerSteamed Clams, and two glasses of Okanagon White to finish it off. Our already discounted meal didn't just start with our wines, but with a nice basket of fresh bread and some olive oil. I have a soft spot for places that offer complementary bread :)

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Now onto the real show stoppers! The House Salmon Sampler ($5) came as a plate of salmon prepped in different ways on top of a healthy green salad. Not exactly sure what types of salmon were on the plate, but I can confirm that there were slices of smoked salmon along with shreds of cooked salmon. I was a bit disappointed with this one; I expected a much better salmon:greens ratio. There was definitely not enough salmon and I felt like the main star of the dish were the greens instead of the fish. If I could, I'd rename it as a Salmon Salad.

House Salmon Sampler

The Steamed Clams ($6) were much more appealing- a bowl of ~15 steamed clams in white wine topped with a generous amount of spiced thin fries. Mussels tasted fresh, "soup" had a light hint of both wine and seafood broth, and the fries were done wonderfully crispy with just enough spice on top. We were temped to have another order of it but realized we missed last call :(

The Okanagon White was not bad either- $4 for 1/3 glass of crisp wine has an a-okay in my books!

...So how was my 'appy experience?

Food quality: 9.5/10 (Fresh and high quality ingredients.

Service: 9.5/10 (If servers are positive and passionate about the food and image of their restaurants, it makes the customers feel positive about the food on their table :) )

Atmosphere: 9/10

Price/affordability: 9/10 (For happy hour, food here is definitely worth the price you pay. For everything on our table that night, my friend and I only had to pay ~$10/person for a decently filling and quality meal.)

Would I go back/recommend this place?: Yes! I'm thinking of making another trip back for happy hour since the other menu options sound delicious. I've taken a look at the main menu and found the prices to be a bit steep but I'll probably try them once for the experience. But in regards to The Flying Pig's happy hour, I'm confident enough to recommend it you :)