Campagnolo Roma

You can never really have too much Asian food especially in Vancouver but it's nice to find a decent Western meal every now and then. Campagnolo Roma is a decent looking establishment on Hastings (in East Village) that serves an array of Italian dishes with some local Vancouver product flare. For a limited time during lunch and dinner (and all day Tuesday), Campagnolo offers a pretty amazing deal of a whole pizza and beer for only $18 but my friend and I were looking for something a bit more unique during our visit so we went for the salumi boardfazzoletti verde, and the bucatini all’amatriciana accompanied with none other than a classic San Pellegrino. We started with complementary bread and salad with the salumi board that comes with a changing selection of cured meats with focaccia bread and pickled mustard on a nice wooden board. Standard local cured meats and a delicious spicy mustard. The price varies along with the selection of meats but ours came to ~$20.

Our mains came next- two delicious sounding pasta plates:  fazzoletti verde, and the bucatini all’amatriciana. My friend's fazzoletti verde ($18) came with an interesting flat, green pasta with pieces of braised lamb collar, yoghurt, mind, bufffalo mozzarella, and sprinkled with some kickass chips. My friend noted that the yoghurt wasn't his favourite but the crisps on top made up for it.

My bucatini all’amatriciana ($18) came as a small bowl of orange, thick spaghetti with cured pork, light tomato sauce, and sprinkled with thin strips of lightly melted cheese. The pasta was done nice and al dente but lacked the tomato or any real flavour that I was looking for. The pieces of meat were tiny and I had to dig around my plate just to find a few pieces. For the small bowl of food with little meat or flavour, I really didn't feel like the $18 price tag was justifiable.

Bucatini All’Amatrician

Food quality: 6.5/10 (Nothing special about the quality of unflavourful food.)

Service: 9/10

Atmosphere: 8.5/10 

Price/affordability: 6/10 (Tiny portions of expensive pasta. I understand that local fresh products are expensive, but there's no way that they can't taste good! In fact, shouldn't the food taste better? I expected much more portions of pasta and definitely more pieces of meat. I shouldn't need to rummage through my scarce portion of pasta to find the other ingredients.)

Would I go back/recommend this place?: The price really killed it for me despite the good atmosphere. Food is really "meh" and I wouldn't recommend ordering a pasta if you pay a visit here. I would maybe come back for their pizza-and-beer deal since it actually looks good and decent for the price of it.