Bahn Mi Boys

A restaurant that specializes in bahn mis? Done. I'm already sold. Bahn Mi Boys is a little store found on both Yonge and Queen Street that offers a variety of not only delicious bahn mis, but Asianized tacos and interesting steamed baos (soft Chinese buns). Oh and you definitely can't miss out on their famous kimchi fries which tastes like a Korean poutine. Lots of yum :) Everything on the menu looks mouthwatering but you have to admit that kalbi beef ($5.99) sounds like a winner. Filled with fresh carrots, cucumber, cilantro, kimchi and a hefty amount of juicy short ribs, this Vietnamese sandwich really hits the spot. The slightly grilled thin bun holds in all the juices from the meat and Asian bbq sauce and the vegetables add in a taste of crunchy freshness into every bite.

Bahn Mi Boys

But don't forget the kimchi fries ($5.99)! Mayonnaise, green onion, and heaps of kimchi, and pulled pork piled onto a box of freshly fried fries is the recipe of mouthwatering greatness. Hot, cold, crispy, creamy, sour, spicy and savoury. Mix them all together and you have one hell of a box of kimchi fries.

Kalbi Pulled Pork Bahn Mi & Kimchi Fried

If a full on Vietnamese sub is too much for your stomach to handle, a bao ($3.49) or a taco ($3.99)  is a nice alternative. My friend ordered a pulled pork bao which included a delightfully juicy and fatty piece of pork glazed with bbq sauce and sandwiched with fresh vegetables in a soft white bao. For a palm sized dish, there's an abundance of flavour and texture in this little one.

Steamed Pork Bao

So the verdict please!

Food quality: 8.5/10 (The sandwiches are great but nothing to cry over. I really enjoyed the kimchi fries though- lots of flavour and texture. Plus, it's not something you find everywhere.)

Service: N/A (It's an order-at-the-counter type of diner but the staff is nice and energetic, something you don't always see at restaurants like these.)

Atmosphere: 8/10 ( Nice and simple decor. Clean and decently comfortable seating. I like the red and white  theme going on in here.)

Price/affordability: 8.5/10 ($6 for a large sandwich and under $4 for one of the smaller orders sounds good to me! The kimchi fries are more on the pricier side though but it seems justifiable considering the amount of goodness you get in that box.)

Would I go back/recommend this place?: If I lived in Toronto, I would pay a visit at least twice a month and maybe a bit more if I felt like rewarding myself. While the bahn mis and baos are not bad, the kimchi fries really shone for me. Though I don't know much about where their ingredients come from, I could definitely taste quality in their meat, vegetables and bread... in fact the baguette they use for their bahn mis are probably my favourite so far. For the quality of food and affordability of the menu options I would absolutely recommend you to go if you haven't already.