Memory Corner

I've watched the sign of the corner store in front of Richmond city hall change again and again with no luck at attracting a steady enough flow of customers to stay in business. Mind you, this has been going on for at least 5+ years so I was surprised when I saw the normally empty space filled with young customers not too long ago. This new restaurant is decorated lightly and simply with large wooden tables that seat you beside the large windows that face No. 3 Road. The menu is pretty ordinary and basically like anything you'd find at any of the other many Taiwanese restaurants in the area - fried chicken, noodles, fried rice, etc. The quality is pretty standard too: nothing amazing, just alright. A lot of people use Taiwanese restaurants' fried chicken nuggets as an indicator of how good the food is and in this case I stand by my previous comment: it's alright.

What has probably made Memory Corner more successful than its predecessors is probably its "Potted Milk Tea" which is most likely taken from the "potted" food fad that took over much of Asian last year.

*Sidenote* The "potted" food fad that I'm referring to is the popular "Potted Tiramisu" dessert that has been circling around the web for a while now. It basically takes the idea of traditional tiramisu placed in a plant pot and adds a cute little twist on it by adding chucks of soil-looking chocolate and adding a leaf on top to make the dessert look like a newly sprouted plant.

Potted Tiramisu Dessert taken at Sense Dessert in HK (2013)

Memory Corner offers a similar version of this dessert but I opted to try their new spin on it which replaced the original tiramisu with milk tea. I was pleasantly surprised by its texture and amount of flavour. The milk tea was definitely thicker and richer than most milk teas I've had. Mixing the chocolate bits into the milk tea will make it slightly sweeter so if you like the milk tea as it is, I recommend eating the chocolate bits separately with the spoon they provide you with.

Food quality: 7/10 (It's just meh, like most  Taiwanese restaurants around here but the milk tea was delightful.)

Service: 8/10 (Moderately attentive staff but the food comes out rather quickly which is a surprise.)

Atmosphere: 7.5/10 ( Nothing too special other than the nice large windows and simple/clean decor.)

Price/affordability: 8/10 (Normal prices.)

Would I go back/recommend this place?: I don't think I would come again for a good food experience but I am definitely keeping this place on my list since it's convenient and has decent drinks. I would come back just to order the potted milk tea again while sitting and chatting with some friends. Pay Memory Corner a visit if you're in the area and just looking for a simple chill place. Oh but I shouldn't forget to mention that parking is a nightmare here. I'm not even exaggerating but there're only 5 parking spots in the back.