The Starving Artist

My apologies for not blogging for quite some time but I'm happy to say that I have a decent list of restaurants to blog about in the next little while all thanks to my short trip in Toronto last week. I'll start off with reviewing my experience at The Starving Artist, a little restaurant near Lansdowne station which proudly specializes in servings one of my favourite foods: waffles. The Starving Artist nests at the corner of a row of bland looking shops. It's easy to miss so it might help if you look for the busiest shop on the block (it gets pretty crazy around noon when people start piling in for a meal). The interior is pretty standard fare-wooden black tables, open bar/kitchen and plenty o f natural light at the front of the place. It's simple and there isn't much seating, but it feels nice and comforting. Anyways onto the food.. So when my cousin and I were given the menus, I'm pretty sure I started salivating just upon glancing at the's just waffle galore topped with a nice selection of coffees and there's nothing I love more than brunch with waffles and a good blend of coffee beans. So many choices but only so much room in our stomachs so in the end, we had to settle for The Hitchhiker and The Smoked Salmon Burger with a coffee and vanilla almond latte to help warm us up. The Hitchhiker ($10) has two mini waffles with cheesy scrambled eggs, strips of caramelized bacon and a creamy mashed potatoes on the side. The waffles were warm and fluffy, eggs were light and delightfully cheesy, and mashed potatoes were nicely creamy and smooth. Both my cousin and I liked the bacon the most though. The strips were amazingly crispy with an adamant amount of sweetness to compliment the natural saltiness of the bacon.

The Hitchhiker

But move aside Hitchhiker, my Smoked Salmon Burger ($9) packs a punch too! Two crazy thick dill waffles sandwich Atlantic salmon, capers, and cream cheese. Sounds deadly heavy but oh-so heavenly at the same time. I've never had dill waffles before but it's safe to say that they're one of my favourite waffles now. These waffles are so fluffy and have a distinct herb-y flavour to them. This sandwich is kinda crazy and definitely left me full enough to fill me for breakfast and lunch.. in fact everything on the menu will probably leave your stomach very satisfied.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich

It's worth mentioning my vanilla almond latte as well. Not too thick, not too sweet, and has a nice tinge of almond flavour to suit my liking.

Vanilla Almond Latte

Uhg, I'm getting hungry again as I finish this post... but onto the marks!

Food quality: 9/10 

Service: 8/10 (The lady forgot about my latte but she was nice and our food was served fresh quickly.)

Atmosphere: 7.5/10 ( Nothing too special about the store, but it's simple and clean.)

Price/affordability: 8.5/10 (For roughly $10, my cousin and I were crazy full and the food quality was definitely acceptable for the price that was charged for it.)

Would I go back/recommend this place?: Yes! It's waffle galore and all the choices on the menu sound amazing. I wish I had tried a bacon waffle or a dessert waffle like the S'more. If you live in Toronto, definitely put this place on your food checklist!