Cafe de l'Orangerie

Well today I'm here to introduce to you my newest favourite Japanese spot in town: Cafe de l'Organerie. Doesn't sound very Japanese but I assure you the food is - well half of it since it's fusion but who doesn't love fusion. This place is not too far from the end of the Arthur Liang Bridge's Graville street exit and in a quiet neighbourhood and sits quite nicely at the corner of a cluster of other establishments. Parking is pretty limited and seats inside aren't too plentiful but I think it's okay especially since my friend and I were both able to get a parking spot and seat on a Friday night. However, people do make reservations here and seats seem like they would be gone fast so plan ahead!

It was a spontaneous outing so while my friend got a proper dinner item, I only opted for a dessert. There's a wide variety of Japanese inspired pasta and rice dishes and it took us quite a while to finally decide on what we wanted since everything sounded so good. In the end, however, we settled for the Masago de Creamy Spaghetti and Black sesame and Dango parfait. The spaghetti was definitely comparable to the quality I got at Spaghetei a while ago but this time, the dish was actually steaming hot (yay!). The pasta was tossed in a light cream sauce, sprinkled with roe and accompanied with pieces of assorted seafood. For $9.80, this steaming plate of Japanized spaghetti is not too bad. I'd pick this quality over the one at Spaghetei.

Masago de Creamy Spaghetti
Masago de Creamy Spaghetti

My parfait came in a tall little glass with sesame ice cream, a layer of dango, a layer of cereal and a little cookie on top. I think the sesame ice cream lacked in flavour. It was more like vanilla ice cream with bits of sesame in areas so I wasn't too keen on that, I guess I was expecting the type of sesame ice cream that comes in tubs at Asian grocery stores. The dango was a cute addition to it all but didn't help the lack of flavour. This was a mediocre dessert and I fee like I should've ordered something that sounded more the Affogato al Caffe Deluxe. For $6.95, I'm not too sure that this will be an item I order again.

Black sesame and Dango parfait

But how did I think of this meal overall?

Food quality: 8.75/10 (There is some quality fusion spaghetti going on here. I wouldn't say the same for my dessert though.)

Service: 8.5/10 (Polite and kind Japanese staff but nothing too amazing.)

Price/affordability: 8.75/10 (At least for the rice sets. I can’t say much about their sushi.)

Atmosphere: 8.5/10 (The space is a bit sparse but very open, comfortable seating and nice large windows.)

Would I come back/recommend this place?: Yes! I'm waiting to go back and order a whole plate of spaghetti to myself. I'm also looking forward to trying something else from their dessert menu and hopefully I'll have a better experience since I feel like this place has potential. Definitely check it out though, it's a nice quiet place to sit back, eat some good food, and chill with friends.