Kita No Donburi

This little Japanese restaurant is not too far from Waterfront station and conveniently located along my bus route. I've been here twice already and I can say that this place is a nice quiet spot to grab a quick and decent lunch. During my most recent visit (a few days ago), I was disappointed to see that the Sushi Pizza I ordered a few months ago was no longer on the menu :( It was a unique dish - a patty of rice fried in a thick crunchy shell of bread crumbs and topped with pieces of fish, Japanese mayo sauce, and light tomato sauce/ketchup. Not that it was amazing but I think it was worth getting a taste of.

Sushi Pizza

So I guess I had to order something more normal like the Shogayuki Don which had strips of grilled, gingered pork with an assortment of vegetables on a hunk of rice ($7.90). I'm more accustomed to heavily flavoured/marinated  meat so I found the pork in this dish to be a bit bland. I do wish that there was more sauce/flavouring since the pork/vegetable to rice ratio was a bit unbalanced and made for a midly bland dish overall. My friend who got the Katsu Don was content with his meal though ($8.95).

Shogayuki Don

Oh and just a side note, like most lunch friendly Japanese restaurants, there's complimentary miso soup, hot tea and water up at the front :)


Food quality: 7/10 (Nothing bad, nothing amazing. )

Service: 8.5/10 (It's mostly an order-at-the-counter-and-get-food-delivered-at-your-table place but the staff is friendly.)

Price/affordability: 8/10 (At least for the rice sets. I can't say much about their sushi.)

Atmosphere: 9/10 (There's a lot of space, and it's a very open set up they have going on. They have nice utensils, comfortable seats, big windows for lots of natural light.)

Would I come back/recommend this place?: Mmm I don't think this place is anything too special especially compared to the plethora of Japanese restaurants we have here in Vancouver. If you're in the area and looking for a nice place to sit for a long period of time, sure, give this place a visit :)

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