Voodoo Doughnut (Too)

2013-12-26 10.01.25
2013-12-26 09.48.01

What do you do when you have a bit of spare time outside of your travel schedule? You go get Voodoo Doughnuts. Everyone's heard of it, yepp it's the famous voodoo magic infused doughnuts made popular from their crazy and unique menu choices. Sadly, since they haven't expanded outside Portland, the only way to get a taste of these fried rings is to visit the city. These doughnuts are massive but who cares, I bought four of them- the maple bacon, vanilla Oreo, M&M, and strawberry glazed chocolate doughnut. With the abundance of sugar and craziness, these doughnuts do pack a punch, I think I started getting sugar rushes after eating half of a doughnut. I wouldn't say the doughnuts are especially good tasting (I'd prefer Krispy Kremes over these) but the flavours are just so interesting and fun. Plus, the price you pay for one of these giant things is crazy cheap. *Queue rant about pricey Vancouver things* I've hear from a lot of people that the maple bacon is a must have and I agree! It's an explosion of creamy sweetness with the crunchy saltiness of the bacon all on top of a thickly fried piece of dough. As a tourist, I think this place is definitely a place to visit, it's fun, it's food, and it's a bit of Portland in a not-so-little pink box :)

My first pink box!