Abode Restaurant

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So the journey with my box of Dine Out certificates continue and this time I went to Abode Restaurant which is located conveniently on Robson street not too far from all the main shops. I've crossed by this place SO many times but I can't really put my finger on why I've never given it a visit- despite the fact that I've probably eaten at most of the restaurants near the main commercial Robson area. The store is quite spacious with lots of different types of seating and feels really homey too. I guess it's thanks to the simplistic, neutral colour theme they have going on in there.

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My friend and I were hungry and I happened to have a $75 gift voucher which basically meant that two people were going to devour $75 worth of food. To be specific, that included a Soup and Salad, Chicken Wings, Kitchen Burger, Beer Battered Fish & Chips, and Pan Seared Salmon which EXACTLY came to $75 (yay for perfect numbers).

the feast

The soup of the day was carrot with ginger so we were served a bowl of that with a good serving of apple spinach salad for $9. Just your typical soup and salad, nothing much more or less.

Soup & Salad

Then all the entrees came out at once. Our table was filled and it looked pretty crazy. I'll start with the Kitchen Burger ($15) which was smoked Gelderman Farms bacon, smoked aged white cheddar, house made BBQ sauce, tomato, thick onion rings, baby arugula, and dijon aioli sandwiched between two thick buns. Sounds like a lot doesn't it? Well it is. Every bite is basically a meal in itself. The meat was juicy and sweet thanks to the hearty sauce but the onion rings managed to maintain their crunch, which was pretty impressive.

Kitchen Burger

I've never had beer battered anything before so it seemed appropriate to add the beer battered fish and chips ($15) to our order list which included 2 pieces of North Pacific Grey Cod served with your typical creamy slaw and fries. This was also an Ocean Wise selection so it was good to know that this was an ocean-friendly dish (sustainable and responsible food is good). I grew up eating Pajo's fish and chips (which are basically amazing) and I think it's safe to say that the fish and chips at Abode aren't the best. The cod was cooked well and juicy but the batter was much thicker than I expected although I did like the tinge of beer in the skin. Thankfully my piece of fish was fried nice and crispy but my friend's wasn't so I don't think I can give this dish too much of a positive response.

Beer Battered Fish & Chips

The pan seared salmon ($25) which also arrived was also another Ocean Wise menu choice so it was good to know that the wild, local salmon on my plate was as ocean friendly as the fish and chips. This dish is served with a bunch of sauteed kale, beurre blanc, quinoa, and pattypan squash. The salmon was cooked well on the inside but I would've preferred it if the outside wasn't so dry. I'm not a fan on quinoa either so I couldn't enjoy the other half of the fish. This was a pretty normal dish for me.

Pan Seared Salmon

We ended off with a pound of honey Bourbon chicken wings ($11) which came with  crispy carrots and a sauce I'm not really sure what it's called. I think these were pretty typical chicken wings to be honest. They weren't "specially flavoured" or were bigger/juicier than most- it was just kinda normal which is sad to say since $11 just went to ~8 ordinary wings.

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

Final thoughts..

Food quality: 7/10 (Nothing special or particularly good.)

Service: 9/10 (Friendly staff which often came by to check on our drinks and chat with us.)

Atmosphere: 9/10 (It's a nice and cozy-but-at-the-same-time-spacious place. I like the simple decor and the plethora of windows for lots of natural lighting.)

Price/affordability: 7/10 (I think the burger was the only dish I wouldn't mind paying the menu price for. I could've gotten much better fish and chips for the same price at Pajo's and I'm not sure is $25 was really worth it for the salmon dish. The chicken wings were the most overpriced in my opinion. I mean why does a normally sauced, small chicken wing cost over $1 each?)

Would I go back/recommend this place?: I don't think I'll be back for the meals but I'm a bit interested in the coffee bar that sits on the other side of the restaurant since they serve signature, local Elysian coffees and locally blended teas as well. Maybe I'll stop by one day for that. I don't recommend going to Abode for...a serious meal. I'd more so recommend it as a good place to sit and relax since I like their space and decor.