Meat & Bread

2013-05-23 13.58.34

I feel like although this place is already popular and everyone knows about it's greatness, Meat & Bread still deserves a blog post - I mean you can't ever have too many reviews right?

I've come here countless times in the past 1.5 years and I really do believe that Meat & Bread makes consistently good sandwiches. My go-to just so happens to be the most popular sandwich as well: the Porchetta which features juicy pork roast with salsa verde and chopped cracklings. I love the variety of flavour and texture in this sandwich: there's the moist tenderness from the pork contrasted with the crunchiness from the cracklings as well as the combination of fresh herbs and roasted porky goodness. Everything is served steaming hot: bun taken straight from the oven and meat sliced from a massive slab of pig immediately at the edge of the bar. Each sandwich is accompanied by a glob of mustard which I would think tastes pretty good when paired with the meat.....if I ever remembered to use it. I realize that I'm always too occupied with the sandwich to ever actually taste the mustard.

Shepard's Pie

Occasionally I try the daily specials like the Shepard's Pie and although they're great, I always have to find my way back to the unique crunchiness from the Porchetta.


Food quality: 8.5/10 (Porky crunchy goodness in a freshly baked bun but I have to say that it isn't the holy grail of Porchetta sandwiches.)

Service: N/A (It's pay and go/sit down but everyone is always nice!)

Atmosphere: 9.5/10 (I love the openness of the whole store along with the long wooden tables, window seats, spice/magazine rack. I mean it's pretty trendy :) )

Price/affordability: 7.5/10 (It's a gourmet sandwich, the prices aren't exactly pretty. The Porchetta is $8 and the specials are usually $9 - but at least I feel somewhat filled by the portion size sometimes.)

Would I go back/recommend this place?: Well I've already been back quite a few times, I think it's quite self-explanatory. I can't say that this is the best sandwich I've ever had but I've become so addicted to their Porchetta, it keep making me want to come back. If you haven't been here already, I feel like it's worth a taste regardless of how overrated you might think this place is.