Waffle Window


I think everyone who follows my Instagram knows how much I love waffles-I'm a waffle enthusiast to say the least. I've scoured through Hong Kong, Taipei, Vancouver, San Francisco, and many more places to find the perfect waffle. So it's to no surprise that during my short trip to Portland, I had to find something to satisfy my craving. After all my online research, I stumbled upon Waffle Window which so happened to be close to where I was staying.

Due to a tight travel schedule, I had to drive here super early (around 8am) so I wasn't met with the lineup that a lot of people online warned me about. We ordered the Sunnyside and the Blueberry Cheesecake Waffle along with two hot chocolates. The Sunnyside consists of bananas and peanut butter covered with a heap of whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup on a thick liege waffle. This thing is massive and not to mention, filling. The waffle was nicely dense and chewy while the mass amount of toppings piled on flavour and a mouthful of texture. I think it's an understatement to say that I loved it.


The Blueberry Cheesecake Waffle is a whole different species of waffle in itself: handmade blueberry compote with cheesecake pudding topped with fresh whipped cream topped with baked graham cracker crumble on a pearl sugar waffle. I'm salivating just by reading that. If you thought the Sunnyside was intense, this is probably 5 times more crazy. It's sweet, a bit sour, creamy, crunchy, and fruity all on one plate. Make sure you prepare your appetite for this one though, we had to take breaks in order to find enough stomach to finish it all.

Blueberry Cheesecake Waffle

So how would I rate this crazy experience?

Food quality: 9.75/10 (Everything was so good. You can definitely taste the freshness of their ingredients/topping. The only reason why this is 0.25 shy of the perfect 10 is because I don't think I can say that this is my one true waffle love....yet.)

Service: N/A (There wasn't much service since this place is more of an order-and-seat-yourself place but the girl at the cashier was all smiles and friendly.)

Atmosphere: 7/10 (This place actually shares a space with another cafe so seats are really limited and I guess there isn't much too interesting about their seating area. However, their door is pretty cool though.)

Price/affordability: 10/10 :)  (I'm not really sure what "affordable" means for Portland"ers" but for Vancouverites, wow this place is such a steal. For the same size/quality of waffle, I ended up only paying half the price that I usually pay in Vancouver. One waffle here was around $4.50. FOUR DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS GUYS. Compare that with what you get and pay for at places like Nero, Waffle Window is like waffle heaven.)

Would I go back/recommend this place?: Yes yes yes. Why wouldn't you go? I'm definitely hitting up this place again on my next drive down to the states.