Yolk's Restaurant and Commissary

This place has been on my go-to list for a verrryyy long time and I was glad to be able to make it last week. Keep in mind that Yolk's is a breakfast/brunch only place so remember to make it before they close at 3pm on weekdays and 4pm on weekends! So let's get to the food! Sure it may seem like it's appropriate to get something egg-ey but why when there's Chicken & Waffles on the menu? This hearty stack of goodness has organic fried chicken sandwiched between two Belgian waffles and spiced up with chicken gravy and pure Canadian maple syrup (yay Canada and my post Olympic pride). This one packs a punch and offers a generous amount of crispy and juicy chicken and satisfies all your Canadian cravings in one go. If that isn't enough to tempt you into wanting one....how about taking a look at it.

Chicken & Waffles

I also ordered a cup of Matchstick coffee with a shot of Baileys Irish Cream to top off the meal. Nothing much more to be said about this since it's good quality black Matchstick coffee with a good ol' shot of liquor. This is perfect for coffee and alcohol lovers alike.

Matchstick Coffee with Baileys Irish Cream

The rundown:

Food Quality: 8.5/10 (It's not life changing food but hey, I liked it!)

Service: 8.5/10

Atmosphere: 8/10 (Not bad but nothing amazingly special)

Price/affordability: 7/10 (It's a brunch place in Vancouver, what do you expect?)

Would I go back/recommend this place?: Yes, I'd like to go back and try their poached free-range egg sandwiches :) I wouldn't put this place under my favourites yet but I think it's decently delicious enough for me to urge you to have a taste of what Yolk's has to offer.