I usually go out for a bite to each every Tuesdays after class with a friend of mine so while searching, I came across this little establishment on Commercial which so happens to serve one of my favourite foods- waffles!

There was quite a diverse selection of flavours and ingredients but my friend and I decided on getting two savory waffles: the Valhalla and the Den Beste Vaffle (basically "The Best Waffle") both served on a Brussels waffle. The Valhalla ($7.50) sounds like a Canadian dream and definitely tastes like one too: Homemade maple bacon jam, back bacon, bacon bits and maple syrup. The combination of saltiness from the bacon with the sweetness of the jam and syrup were definitely mouthwatering. I think it's more appropriate to put this one under the sweet menu rather than the savoury menu though.


The Den Beste Vaffle ($9) is definitely not as heavy, and tastes more like a fresh sandwich with Cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onions, capers, and homemade lemon dill sauce. The smoked salmon was fresh and the cream cheese didn't drown the rest of the ingredients.

Den Beste Vaffle

I've been talking a lot about the ingredients but what about the waffles themselves? Brussels waffles are supposed to be light and crispy and sadly the crispiness was missing here :(

So what're my final thoughts?

Food Quality: 7.5/10 (The waffles weren't that great but I liked the unique toppings.)

Service: 9/10 (Yay for happy and welcoming staff who were eager to explain to us the different selections on the menu.)

Atmosphere: 8/10 (I liked the bar bar in the front but nothing else really stood out from a lot of other places I go to. There wasn't much seating so I can see how this place can get crowded pretty easily.)

Price/affordability: 6.5/10 (This place isn't cheap...or I'm pretty sure waffle places in Vancouver aren't generally affordable to begin with. Most of the waffles here are priced above $7 unless you build them yourself.)

Would I go back?/Would I recommend this place?: I'd recommend going once or twice or for the $2 plain waffles & syrup Tuesdays. I'd come back if I was around the area on a Tuesday. It's a decently cute place though :)