Bella Gelataria

My last official Dine Out stop of this year was Bella Gelataria, arguably one of Vancouver's best and most popular places for ice cream/dessert. This hot spot is owned by multi-award winning ice cream artisan James Coleridge. That being said, I never expect anything less than great from anything Bella Gelataria offers. Bella Gelataria is a unique addition to the Dine Out list since it offers its customers a choice of three Italian gelato desserts (out of 5) for the price of $18 for two people. You can check out the menu here! My friend and I chose the Semifreddo, G Surprise (a secret dessert that changes every week), and the Gelatini.

(from left to right) Semifreddo, G Surprise, Gelatini

The Semifreddo was Salted Caramel with Lemon Sorbetto and topped with a Soirette Macaron (ours was a rose macaron). I've had the salted caramel gelato multiple times here before and it's always amazing...except this time when paired with the lemon sorbetto. Both my friend and I didn't feel like this cup was anything too special- though I did like the macaron (but I mean it's from Soirette, it has to be good).

The G Surprise of the week was a Lavender Semifreddo with French malted caramel and a white chocolate ginger truffle. Oh my gosh this was amazing. Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for anything lavender but the crunch complimented the gelato layer so well. The entire cup was the perfect balance of sweet and fragrant without being too overwhelming.

The Gelatini was a Gewürztraminer white wine sorbetto served with a splash of gin and an Italian amerena cherry. This one was definitely the most unique out of the three since it combined the idea of a classy martini with what Bella Gelataria does best. The white wine gelato was complimented well with the gin and was surprisingly more subtle than I expected. Definitely a contrast to the other two sweet desserts but I liked it!

Well, what a great way to end off my Dine Out experience this year. Dessert all day, everyday. Until next year DOVF!