Raincity Grill

Raincity Grill is one of those places I've walked by countless times but never noticed its existence. It's located literally beside the strange statues that look over English Bay. For starters, I was caught off guard when the Raincity Grill Dine Out menusaid "West Coast" as the cuisine type as I never realized that the menu was fully vegetarian (you can add a bit of money for meat though). I feel like that's something to keep in mind! I love any place that serves bread before the meal. Extra point if they serve butter AND salt on the side. I guess you could say Raincity scored a few early points.

Bread to start off

I ordered the Roasted Wild Mushroom Soup which came with shaved hazelnuts, creme fraiche, and truffle essence.  liked the slight smoky flavour along with the hazelnuts that gave it a nutty taste.

Roasted Wild Mushroom Soup

A notable appetizer was the North Arm Farms Jerusalem Artichokes with aggasiz walnuts, gala apple, and cranberry emulsion that my friend ordered. He also added the leg of confit duck for $3.80 which was probably the best decision of the meal. The artichokes were prepared in thin slices and paired with very flavourful sides. Even looking at the dish made my mouth water.

North Arm Farms Jerusalem Artichokes aggasiz walnuts, gala apple, cranberry emulsion with leg of confit duck

I ordered the Dill Infused Pearl Barley Risotto with "crackling" kale, confit tomatoes, roasted salsify, and pea shoots. I also decided to add herb oven roasted wild salmon and crab cream for $4 which gave my risotto a creamier and rich texture. I would have preferred my salmon to be a bit juicier since mine was a bit dry. My friend ordered the same thing but opted to add the 48 hour braised short rib with rich pan juices. Honestly, I regret not adding that instead because that piece of rib looked so juicy and was definitely more than worth the extra $4.

Dill Infused Pearl Barley Risotto with herb oven roasted wild salmon and crab cream

My dessert was the Peach Melba which came with preserved summer fruits, vanilla gelato, and almond nougatine. This was definitely a new dessert for me and was a nice light way to end off my meal. However, I felt like the gelato was not as sweet (and a bit bitter) as I would have liked it to be. I enjoyed the nougat and the pear though.

Peach Melba

I wasn't exactly wow-ed by Raincity Grill but I definitely enjoyed it. For me, this place scores an all around "okay".