Trattoria Italian Kitchen

I decided to give one of the $18 Dine Out restaurants a try and came across Trattoria Italian Kitchen which already has a good reputation as one of Glowbal Group's up and coming destinations. Although I planned to dine on a Monday night, I wasn't sure whether or not there would be seats since reservations weren't available. I was thankful that the influx of diners didn't arrive until around 7-7:30 pm though. For my "Primo" I ordered the Insalata di Tonno e Fagioli  which was basically a fennel salad mixed with albacore tuna, cannellini beans, pine nuts and pickled onions. This salad was very rich in flavours since it incorporated the bitterness of fennel, the acidity of the pickled onions and the saltiness of crouton bits. Personally, I would have preferred the salad to not be as dry as it was but it's no major complaint since my friends liked it. On a side note, I also ordered the Prospect Council's Punch Bowl Sauvignon Blanc which I recommend to anyone who likes a nice crisp white wine.

Insalata di Tonno e Fagioli

The other available "primo" was the Zuppa di Zucca, a roasted butternut squash soup with sage oil and pairedwith prosciutto wrapped grissini. I would compare this toFishwork's Curry Butternut Squash Soupwithout the hint of spice as it was rich and creamy. I particularly enjoyed the little ham wrapped breadstick.

Zuppa di Zucca

My "secondo" was the Pollo Marsala, which was pan roasted chicken breast, marsala and mushroom sugo with fennel salad like the Insalata di Tonno e Fagioli.I was really taken back by how well the chicken was done; every piece was juicy and doused with flavour. I mixed my salad with the chicken so that the sweet and bitter flavours could compliment each other better. I would've ordered more if I could :$

Pollo Marsala

What other dessert is there that screams "Italian" more than Classic Tiramisu with espresso crème anglaise, chocolate and a pistachio biscotti?  Out of all the tiramisu I've eaten, I can't say that there's much that really stood out with this dish for me although I enjoyed the biscotti on top.

Classic Tiramisu

I should also note that one of my friends ordered an Italian melon(?) soda and it was amaaazing. Oh my goodness I'd come back just to get one. Another menu item that intrigued us was the appetizer platter which I wouldn't have minded getting if we had a bit more cash in our wallets.

I quite enjoyed my dinner here at Trattoria although I wish the portions were a bit larger (but what can you really expect out of $18?) and if the tables were a bit more far apart. Our table was literally half on arm's length away from our neighbours :( You can check out their Dine Out menu here!