I usually don't travel out that far from Richmond but after seeing Fishworks' Dine Out menu, I decided to sacrifice some time and energy for some delicious sounding food. Fishworks is located not too far from the Lonsdale Quay Seabus terminal which means that you'll also get to enjoy the view of the Vancouver Harbour as well as pass by some of the cute shops at the Lonsdale market (which is basically a mini version of the market at Granville Island). Since we had an early time (5:15pm- who even eats that early? Well apparently us.), there weren't many other customers in the restaurant and we were seated quite quickly to a spot near the massive canoe hanging from the ceiling. I wish I had taken a picture of it but I guess that means you'll have to go see it for yourself! The restaurant is spacious and decently lit for a nice ambiance.

I was surprised when we were provided with a basket of bread and some chicken pate in olive oil and vinegar before our three course meal. It may have not been too out of the ordinary for many Western restaurants, but it was definitely rare for a Dine Out participant. The bread was in large chunks and we were given a generous portion of chicken pate to indulge with. Oh, and guess what? We were even able to get a second round of bread for no extra charge.

Bread with Chicken Pate, Olive Oil and  Vinegar

My first course was the Curry Butternut Squash Soup with toasted pistachio, a thick and richly flavoured soup that I enjoyed to my heart's content. The amount of curry provided the perfect bit of spice to the nutty and mild sweetness of the butternut squash. Remember how I saidthe soup at Cork & Fin was tiny? Well this soup is completely the opposite. Even after both of my friends took numerous sips of my soup, I was still left with more than enough to drink and dip with the bread provided previously.

Curry Butternut Squash Soup, toasted pistachio

My friends both decided on getting the Swimming Pink Scallops Kilpatrick which came with six small scallops doused with Worcester sauce and bits of bacon. Although the scallops were very petite, the was an abundance of flavour in each shell. I loved that despite the bacon's salty crunchiness and the lemon juice, you could still taste the freshness of the scallop. However, I don't think that you can depend on this dish to fill you in any way.

Swimming Pink Scallops Kilpatrick

Both my friend and I decided to get the "Mac ‘n’ Cheese" which mixed together pieces of  butter-poached Dungeness crab with orzo pasta and mascarpone. This is definitely not your normal plate of Mac n Cheese but I was intrigued with how well it all came together when I tasted it. There was a plentiful amount of crab mixed in with the thick white sauce and rice-like pasta. This dish, however, was very filling- I ended up having to take it to go or else I wouldn't have had room for dessert.

My friend ordered the Coq Au vin, a dish of wine braised chicken with truffled mashed potato and broccoli. The meat was juicy and even though the chicken thigh wasn't pre boned, the bone easily separated from the meat. I'm glad that the wine flavour didn't overkill the chicken but instead enhanced the natural flavour of the meat. For all you mashed potato lovers out there, you should be happy to know that the potatoes in this dish are raved about from my friend haha.

Coq Au vin, truffled mashed potato, broccoli

My dessert was the Chocolate pate with pear jelly and peanut butter whip cream. Oh this was soo good. The pate was rich and creamy but slightly bitter so the jelly and whip cream really helped to balance out the flavours. Definitely very filling though.

Chocolate pate, pear jelly, peanut butter whip cream

My friend ordered the Apple tart ice cream, which I'm so thankful for since I never thought to order it. If apple pie were an ice cream, this would be it. Every bite was simply godly. If I recall correctly, there were even little bits of apple in it too.

Apple tart ice cream

We thought our meal would be over after dessert but to our surprise, our waiter gave us three fish shaped chocolate truffles to really finish everything off :)

I can confidently recommend Fishworks' Dine Out menu and service this year. I was delightfully impressed with both the quality and the portions of their food. Unlike many other restaurants for Dine Out, Fishworks didn't cut down on their course sizes while still providing bread with dip AND chocolates at the end for no additional charges. Service was attentive and friendly as waiters were still able to have a bit of chit chat with customers while serving up all our food (which is rare during peak times of the year). I wouldn't mind coming back one day after the Dine Out season ends.

Happy dining everyone!