Thierry (Hot Chocolate Festival)

These days in Vancouver are cold (by Vancouver standards)! What better way to warm up than by grabbing yourself some nice ol' hot chocolate at one of the 25 participating Hot Chocolate Festival cafes from Jan 18-Feb14 :). My sweet tooth was hurting again and I happened to be in downtown so "why not?", my friend and I said as we headed towards Thierry on a chilly Friday night. Thierry is already regarded as a hot spot for confectioneries so busy night hours in the store aren't rare. Both inside AND outside seating was gone by the time we arrived (yes, people actually took their food to eat outside in that weather). I, of course, ordered the Thierry festival special: the Trio of Chocolate which has a base of 66% Mokaya chocolate by Michel Cluizel and is served with a disk of 45% Kayambe milk chocolate and white chocolate ice cream. The chocolate is so rich it's almost like drinking cream. Since the hot chocolate was a slightly bitter, the small cream puff and button of milk chocolate helped to balance the tastes. I'd like to point out that the cream puff was amazing since it had this nutty texture/taste to it. If only it was bigger..

Go. Get yourself one before this particular set is gone after Jan 31st!

Trio of Chocolate: 66% Mokaya chocolate based hot chocolate by Michel Cluize served with a disk of 45% Kayambe milk chocolate

You can check out the official site for the event here!

P.S. This festival is actually a fundraiser for the Downtown East Side's Women's Training Program!  :)