Usually you can't really walk out of Miku without spending +$40 on the meal so it's great that they're offering lunch at the $28 price point. I booked a table for Sunday afternoon and I was surprised that the restaurant wasn't very full (even though it was a weekend AND it was Dine Out season). Maybe it's a different story during dinner time. By the way, you can check out their dine out menu here! Like any other Japanese restaurant, the meal started with Miso soup. There isn't really much to say about it in comparison to the standard miso soup but I'd like to point out that they had enoki mushrooms included in their broth :3

The start off

The appetizer, named "Zen", was split into four parts: Aburi Albacore Tuna, Ebi Fritter, Fresh Market Salad and Soy Braised Beef Shank. It was a great way to taste a bit of the signature Miku flavour. Although I wasn't a big fan of the salad, the Beef Shank was definitely a hit with both my friend and I. The meat pulled apart just nicely and the sauce (yukon potato puree, wasabi veal jus) was amaaazing. I think I licked that one bowl particularly clean.


The main course consisted of five pieces of Miku's signature Aburi, Nigiri and Oshisushi. When it comes to sushi, really, Miku does it best. There were five pieces of sushi but only four different selections, which basically means that even Miku acknowledges that their customers are biased towards their specialty: Oshi sushi. I could rave about Oshi for ages; the way the fish and rice melt in your mouth is really one-of-a-kind.

Miku Signature Dish

I could've chosen the ice cream but instead chose the Passionfruit Sorbet as my dessert since I thought a sorbet would be much lighter to help with all the fish, meat and rice earlier. Paired with a lemon coconut cookie and seasonal fruits, I felt like this was a satisfying way to end the meal.

Passionfruit Sorbet

Overall, I enjoyed my time here. Miku boasts of a great atmosphere since it overlooks the water at Waterfront and is also very brightly lit. The waiters were attentive and friendly as expected.

Miku: Recommended :)