Cork & Fin

As I was scrolling through the menus for Dine Out this year, Cork & Fin really stood as it served an interesting three course savory menu unlike the others. I had high expectations for this restaurant due to the food variety and course descriptions in the online menu here so my disappointment of the experience here may be a bit more than usual. *Sorry about the blurry pictures in this post :( *

It was a busy Friday night and it's understandable that service would be slow but I arrived at the restaurant to be greeted by about 10 other customers waiting to be seated by the door instead of a host. None of us were greeted until at least 10 minutes later. However, when it was time for my friend and I to be seated, the host was polite and offered to help us hang up our jackets. Cork & Fin is a fairly small establishment with quite a few more seats than the space would comfortably hold- you could say that the my seating was a bit too snug for my liking. I think the main reason why I was irritated during my meal was because the distance between my chair and the bar seating behind me was literally the width of one person. Waiters would constantly bump into my chair once every ten minutes despite me pulling my seat in until I was propped up against the table.

Well enough of that, let's get on to the food!

I ordered the Buffalo Mozzarella which was made up of eggplant caponata, pickled eggplant and garnished with crispy basil. I really feel like I chose the wrong dish because although the tomato was sweet and really juicy and the eggplant was nice, I felt that the slices of cheese were thick and tasteless. I really believe the only purpose of it was to provide more colour to the dish and add a bit of softness. Maybe this dish will float your boat, but it definitely sunk mine.

Buffalo Mozzarella

My friend ordered the Freshly Shucked Oysters that was prepared in three different ways. All she really had to say about it was that the oysters were smaller than she expected and that they were just okay.

Freshly Shucked Oyesters

My second course was the Albacore Tuna- surprisingly my favourite of all the courses we had. It was prepared with haricot vert, tomato jam, olives, a soft sgg and Meyer citrus. The tuna was cured but when I took my first bit of it, I noticed how tasteless it was and immediately didn't feel like finishing my plate. However, pairing it with the egg and jam was the best decision I made all night. Although tasteless, the tuna provided a good texture and base for the sweetness of the jam and the slight saltiness of the egg. Yepp, this plate was a hit for me!

Albacore Tuna

My last course was the Butternut Squash Tagliatelle with wild mushroom, parmesan and pumpkin seed pesto. I love pasta. But not this pasta. Isn't pasta supposed to be served hot? Well mine arrived lukewarm :( I couldn't really pinpoint a distinct taste of the pasta, I only remembered it being crunchy.

Butternut Squash Tagliatelle

Oh did I also mention the tininess of the portions? My friend first noticed it when her Sun Choke Soup arrived. It looks like a decent portion but really, there's nothing much more below the surface.

Sun Choke Soup

When I looked through their normal menu upon arrival, I found quite a few things that I had wanted to try, such as the Spaghett Nero, Moules Frites and Seafood Towers. However, I'm not too sure of whether or not I'll be back in the near future. With a deep sigh, I end this review of my Cork & Fin experience on a regretful note.