In my natural habitat and home - can you guess where I am?

In my natural habitat and home - can you guess where I am?


Wing Hin Tse

Hi there and thanks for visiting my little blog!

I'm a short girl from Vancouver, Canada but I've also lived extensively in Hong Kong and Singapore.

If you haven't noticed already, I love eating and travelling whenever I can. I started blogging about my food experiences after friends and friends of friends began sending me messages asking where I was eating through Facebook and Instagram. Instead of repeating myself, I decided to document restaurant adventures in a blog (that you see now) to share what I've found worth sharing and discussing. I hope my love for food can encourage you to go out there and try something you've never eaten before or to be more adventurous in your dining choices!

I also recently started my travel blog section after having spent some time overseas working and going to school. Perhaps my outlook on travelling as a student on a budget can provide you with a new outlook on city/country hopping and inspire you to do so as well.

All pictures posted on this website are taken by me. If you wish to use any, please provide proper credits. Or if you are unsure, do shoot me a message and I would be happy to help!

In the meantime, happy eating/travelling!


Wing Hin

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